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Become a Foster Parent

There are over 400,000 children and teens in foster care in the United States. 
Opening your life and home to one of these youth is a very rewarding experience. 
Often times the need for care is short term, allowing biological parents the time to build skills to safely raise their children.  Other times, the need is permanent. 
Our agency is always looking for families who can meet these needs.

Foster Parenting Opportunities

Full time foster care
Emergency short term foster care
Teen and young adult foster care
Respite (part-time) foster care
Medically needy foster care
Shelter foster care

Happy Teenagers

Basic requirements to be a foster parent

21 years of age or older.
Pass criminal and child abuse clearances.
Be in good physical and mental health.
Meet PA requirements for housing, safety, space, and equipment.
Accept the temporary nature of foster care and be willing to help a child transition back to their family.
Demonstrate a non-punitive parenting style to deal with behavior and feelings often displayed by foster children.

Family Fishing

Other ways to help

We also accept donations of new, unused baby care items, and toiletries for children of all ages.

Donation Boxes
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